I introduced myself a little on my About page, but I figured a little more introduction would be necessary for people to truly understand me and the books that I read.

For starters: I am a writer. A reader. A lover of all things creative, written, spoken, and so on. I don’t limit myself in terms of genre’s or creative abilities. I am who I am and I love what I love because that’s just me and this is the only life I have.

Secondly: Writing. Writing. Writing. Reading. That is what my life seems to consist of. I cannot do one without the other. I think I have always been a writer at heart. Writing was always, and still is, something that comes naturally to me. Stringing together twenty-six letters repeatedly to form different words never came as a challenge. Now, the only challenge seems to be what word I want to use next.

My love of reading began in high school when I sought to escape from the turmoil’s of my mundane life through every page I could turn. I seemed to breathe in the stories and absorb everything about them. I got lost in the pages and often times hated to return to reality, a problem I still face today. If someone were to ask me what books mean to me, I don’t suppose I could find the right words to express my feelings. Books have always been a close companion. They soaked up the tears, created some smiles, and left me wanting more. When there was no one else to turn to, I had my books. They were my friends that kept all of my secrets and seemed to hold all of the answers that I was looking for. I placed myself into the stories and whenever something happened to the characters, it felt as if it were happening to me. I become very attached to the characters that inhabit the pages I read. They become my friends as I get to know them through the pages and when I finish the book, it’s almost like saying goodbye. I have lived so many rich lives because of all the books I have read. All of the knowledge that I have, I gained it because of books. Through books, I found little pieces of myself and I will continue to do so as I move through life. For books are not just pages bound together, they are pieces of life, pieces that must be cherished. I cherish each moment that I have with a book and when it’s over there is a certain pain that is mingled with happiness. We are happy because we know how it ends, but it’s painful because we don’t get to visit with those beloved characters anymore. Yet, they remain on our shelves, awaiting another greeting, another moment to be a friend again.

Books are a part of my life in some of the grandest ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if instead of blood, ink flowed through my veins. Even that small description in the last paragraph could never do justice to how I feel towards books. It doesn’t even begin to express my never-ending love for the written word and for the language that has opened my heart and my mind to so many different possibilities. I want to inspire others the way that books have inspired and moved me. I write for all the other people that are just like me when I go into a bookstore searching for new books. I write because I love to and I create stories that other people can love and cherish. Writing is a form of therapy, much like reading, and all I want to do is offer my readers that little bit of happiness for the time that they spend reading my books.

I hope that over the course of my blog I can suggest books that change lives, books that truly inspire others. Because at the end of the day literature is beautiful and it is meant to create awe-inspiring thoughts.

Happy Reading!


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