I am brave. I am dauntless.

Divergent has instilled upon me the idea that, I too, can be dauntless in every day aspects of my life. I am not strong, physically or sometimes mentally, but I try to be. Tris Prior embodies the transition from a scared girl to a strong woman. Throughout the series, she showed me that I had little to fear, that I could conquer my fears through every day acts of bravery. Even though Tris is only sixteen, my twenty one year old self can relate to her in so many ways. Particularly because I am on the road to graduating from college any day now and that idea of having nothing to fall back on is especially frightening. Anytime I start to have anxiety about graduation or worry about not having a job, I think of Tris and I remind myself to be dauntless. Through her, I can convince myself that I will be okay and that I’ll find a wonderful job that my English degree trained me for. I think many times we lose that idea of fiction having meaning. It is not just a means of distraction or pleasure, fiction is a learning tool, not just for academics, but also for life. I learned so much about myself from Tris. She keeps me going on the days where everything seems hopeless, as long as I can remind myself to be dauntless. It’s to the point where I am heavily contemplating a tattoo in remembrance of the book because it truly means a great deal to me. In all honestly, I could get a tattoo for most books that I have read, but this one has more meaning. I can look at it at any point in my life and remind myself that I can overcome any obstacle and that everything will be okay as long as I truly live life.


I will be honest. I will be loyal. I will be kind. I will be intelligent. I will be dauntless.


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