In my absence

Sorry for my sudden disappearance and discontinuation of new material. 

I graduated college a few weeks ago and before that I was busy with preparations and senior week. Needless to say I was strapped for time and exhausted physically and emotionally.

I’ve spent the past few weeks fearlessly job searching, all the while redecorating my room to accommodate the vast amount of stuff I returned home with, as well as a queen size bed. (Yay! I finally got out of my twin.)

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck finding a job. I’m either overqualified or I don’t fit the “requirements” in terms of experience. Well I would like to know how one would acquire such experience if no one hires them? Just a thought.

And on more bad news, I haven’t gotten any bites from literary agents for my book. So my basic existence consists of getting my room back in order while trying to get my life in order. Jobs really do suck. There is no way around that. Maybe I’m romanticizing things, but I would like to actually live my life, not just exist


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