Book Review: The Wedding Bees by Sarah-Kate Lynch


The Wedding Bees: A Novel of Honey, Love, and Manners by Sarah-Kate Lynch

Release Date: January 28th, 2014
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 345
Price: $10.99

“I think honey can fix anything, I know most people just want to eat it but there’s a heck of a lot more you can do with a little honey. It’s practically magic.”

Some people follow their heart, other’s their stomachs or their wallets. Sometimes people follow the wind, moving quickly to catch it’s ever changing direction. But Sugar Wallace didn’t follow her heart, her stomach, her wallet, or the wind. She followed her bees, gliding along the honey river to freedom and away from her past.

Sugar’s newest apartment in East Village, New York City opens doors to new relationships and possibilities that she hadn’t thought about years. Taking up a rightful place on her balcony, the honeybees make their mark on the city, and on Sugar. Elizabeth the sixth, Sugar’s newest bee queen can feel her in a way that Sugar isn’t even aware of. The bees take care of Sugar and Sugar takes care of her bees.

As with any former southern debutante, manners are of the utmost importance, and getting to know your neighbors is normal to her—even if it’s not for people in the big city. With a culmination of eccentric characters like Nate the sweet shy chef who lives next door; Ruby who collects wedding announcements, Lola the single mother/balloon store owner; and George the sweetest door man Sugar has ever known, the story delivers little truths about life and how we face our pasts and futures. Despite their confusion about her politeness and the little oddity of her bees on her terrace, none of them can deny that with Sugar in their lives, everything seems to have a little extra sweetness—an extra spoonful honey.

Then there’s Theo—the handsome and divinely delicious Scotsman who turns Sugar’s world upside down and sends her bees on a strike. After all, Sugar doesn’t want romance. She isn’t looking for love of any kind besides the love of her friends, new and old, and most importantly, the love of her bees. When Theo comes on a little strong, it sends Sugar running for the hills and to a time in her life where love almost destroyed her.

Sugar isn’t the only one with troubling issues and she learns to help heal, sweeten, and soothe her new found friends by reminding them of the good life can offer. The sweet fusion of love, friendship, and honey brings Sugar new opportunities and a time to forgive and forget.  Together, they learn what has been missing from their lives and how to trust themselves going forward.

This was my first time reading a Sarah-Kate Lynch novel and I must say—I am a fan. I loved Sugar’s personality and her story. She was strong and full of promise. Her back story was very emotional and truly telling of the pressure that many women face when it comes to ‘the one,’ marriage, and sex. All of the characters were special with quirks and little nuances specific to their characters. Her voice was incredible and I found myself day dreaming about the honey products that Sugar created with her organic honey. I would recommend this to any reader who is lost and looking for some guidance. I believe that we take what we need from books and that we grow by learning from the characters and their stories. This story is definitely worth listening.


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