Book Review: Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella

8701074Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella

Release Date: November 23, 2010
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Pages: 370
Price: $15.00

“I have more faith in you than you do. You see a single disaster when you look into that mirror. I see the whole beautiful man.”

Mia Well’s career is about to take off. Her eco-friendly office building designs are about to become a long awaited reality when a shocking piece of Mia’s past comes hurtling into her present. The man who was always in Mia’s dreams, the one who never disappeared from her mind, has suddenly resurfaced. With his arrival come memories and emotions that Mia has kept at bay for twelve years.

Mia was a college student in Athens, Georgia studying interior design when Flynn asked to buy her a beer. His mysterious background leaves a lot to be desired, half a name, and no ties to anything or anyone, except for Mia. His edgy and mysterious exterior calls to Mia and her love for a man as enigmatic as Flynn grows with each passing day. When she learns his secrets, Mia remains faithful, holding onto the mystery until he resurfaces.

After all those years of questions Flynn is back in Mia’s life and unconscious in a hospital bed after a nasty accident left him almost dead. Mia remains by his side at the hospital, afraid that she will never get to say goodbye and afraid that a twelve year old mystery will never be solved. Ever since he left, Mia had an empty place in her heart that not even her husband could fill. Mia’s what-ifs build and build until the answers are revealed and a twelve year old ache is diminished.

This book did a lot of things to me. I was in an emotional place and it brought up a lot my own fears. With that being said, it was a really terrific book. There was romance and passion and a sizzle between Flynn and Mia that made me rather jealous. I wanted to know about Flynn’s past and when it was revealed, everything made sense. It killed me how things disintegrated between Mia and Flynn, but she held strong for twelve years—their love was that strong. It’s one of those things that I hope for my own future. And sure, it could have ended differently because life is always uncertain, but I’m glad it ended the way it did. Definitely looking for her other books.


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