Book Review: In The Woods by Tara French

51VBtIu7KEL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_In the Woods by Tana French

Release Date: January 1st, 2007
Publisher: Viking
Pages: 429
Price: $16.00

“What I am telling you, before you begin my story, is this — two things: I crave truth. And I lie. ”


Detective Adam Ryan grew up in a small Dublin neighborhood.  It was quaint and calm until one day Adam went into the woods with his two friends and only one of them returned. The events of what happened in those woods have long haunted him, despite the fact that he can remember nothing about what happened. He was found gripping a tree trunk while standing in a puddle of blood. With limited memories of his past, Adam reinvents himself, utilizing his middle name instead of his first name, Rob.

Now, twenty years after the disappearances of Adam’s friends he gets called on a case in his old neighborhood. Another child has gone missing. Adam and his partner Cassie begin their investigation, searching for clues in the new case as well as anything that might lead them to answers of the horrors of the past. As the case becomes more complicated with suspects coming and going, Adam has to get a grip on his personal involvement in the case and the questions that have haunted him for twenty years.

First things first, you do not find out what happened to Adam’s friends. I was really annoyed by this fact because even though some new things come to light throughout the story, I still want to know what happened to his friends and why he was the only one who survived. That was the only big problem I had with the book, I needed French to curve my curiosity about the old case, but she didn’t. Adam was also a difficult character to like. I kept second guessing him because he tells you right off the bat that he lies. So how are we as readers supposed to believe him? And he lulls you into these periods where you begin to believe everything he says until you remember that he lies, which just makes him extremely untrustworthy even though he’s the narrator. He had a very odd sense about him, which would make sense considering what he went through, but he still felt so cold. The mystery was intriguing and I got answers, just not to everything. I would be interested in reading other Tara French novels because it was a really interesting case, but I just hope I would get more answers next time.


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