Hello my lovely followers!


I’m so sorry about my absence. Life has been crazy. Some health problems and then a hectic work schedule has kept me away, but things are starting to settle down. Hopefully I can have some new things posted and get back to a regular schedule of book reviews and fun quotes.


Happy reading!


New Way to Rate Books

I recently found this great way to begin rating books on Tumblr. I tend to not want to rate them just because it’s hard to put a rating on a book, no matter how much you like or dislike it. So I will be following this rating system going forward.

5 stars: WOW! BLOWN AWAY!
4 stars: I really liked it!
3 stars: Okay, but nothing really to write home to mom about.
2 stars: Ew, but tolerable.
1 star: Just ew.

Personal Achievements

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share a recent personal achievement of mine. I finished writing my third book about a week ago. I’m so excited and extremely proud of myself because it was a long road, but I finally did it. Currently, the book is with my friend being edited and revised before I move into the next stage of finding an agent.

Hopefully sometime in the future my book will be on the shelves of stores!

Happy Reading!


Life Update

Through my struggles to find a job there have been many breakdowns, (at least once a week) and many audible sighs as I scoured the internet and job websites for possible careers that will pay me well and not make me hate every day of my existence. Unfortunately, this is still an ongoing process. No one tells you that after college you are either under qualified or over qualified for 99% of the jobs in existence. Also, somewhere within your college career you were supposed to get 1-3 years experience in said field. Please tell me how I was supposed to work full time and be a full time student. Silly American job system, that’s not how that works.

Anyway, I apologize for the abundance of quotes. I just started reading Outlander and it’s 850 pages so it will take me a bit to get through, but once I do I will write a review for it.

I have an interview for Barnes & Noble tomorrow. Finally! I applied awhile ago, but a job is a job, and if there is anything I know–and know well…it’s books.

So that has been your life update for Breaking the Binding.

Happy Reading!